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How to Handle Roof Leaks

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Heavy storms occur when you least expect it. It may be summer or spring but you never know when thunderstorm will come and cause you problems. The most common concern during heavy storms is roof leaks. How can you possibly handle that in the middle of a strong outpour? 

Storms so strong can put some pressure on your roof. If it yours is not a well-maintained roof, then you’re actually at risk of leaks. Even the slightest defect on your roof will get worse after a thunderstorm. That’s why it’s important that roofs are inspected after one. If your roof isn’t damaged by the last thunderstorm, then it will probably be on the next one.   

Reasons Why Roofs Get Leaks  

There are many reasons why your roof is leaking and the most common ones are listed below. It’s best that you know about all of them and hires the best professionals in metal roofing Tampa FL to know more about them.  

  1. Skylights

Skylights are beautiful additions in every home. But it’s also prone to leaking. Your skylight should be well-installed and well-maintained so you won’t have to worry about leakage. Skylights simply make your home more vulnerable, especially during heavy rains.   

  1. Venthoodsand stacks  

If there are plumbing and fans installed on your roof, then they can be the source of leaks during heavy rains. Plumbing vent stacks that are broken or improperly installed will likely cause leakage during heavy rains. The same goes true for fan vent hood flashing and furnace flu flashing.  

  1. Chimneys andchases 

If there are cracks in the mortar joints and caps of your brick and mortar chimney, then water can infiltrate it. When it rains heavily, the water will soak into the mortar and find a path towards your home. Always look for missing bricks and cracked if you have a chimney. You should also inspect how long it takes for your chimney to dry after a rain.   

  1. Existing roof damage 

Always remember that the roof system is your home’s first line of during heavy rainsThe usual causes of leaks are defective parts, failing flashing, and loose caulking. In essence, any damage sustained by your roof will get worse after the heavy rain. Expect a major repair if the rains caused tree limbs to fall or vents and shingles to get blown off  

What to Do When Your Roof Leaks 

Leaking ceilings means that there has been leaking in your attic for quite some time now. That also means that your insulation and drywall are compromised. It’s important to know where the actual source of the leak, so that it can be repaired accordingly.   

Try to mitigate the damage during the storm. Once it’s over, call up a roofing company to help you outLet them fix the problem so that the next time it rains, you won’t be bothered by leaks anymore. Reputable roofing companies would know what to do. Try to request quotes from different jewelry store downtown chicago service providers to find out which companies near you can provide you with the best services at the most affordable rates.  

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